BirdieBox can create an exclusive, on-site shopping experience for your guests.  Here's how it works:

1) Guests receive a custom gift card, pre-loaded with the designed dollar/point allocation

2) Guests select gift among an array of luxury brands or pre-curated gift packages on-site and/or via eCommerce website

3) Upon each guest making their item or pre-curated package selection, BirdieBox staff member simply swipes their gift card to record the transaction

4) Once guests concludes their shopping experience, they receive a digital receipt (text or email)

5) Depending on the client's needs, guests can receive their gift the day of the event or have them drop-shipped in a custom gift box post event.


Result:  Great product selection, no wait times, one client invoice, lifetime warranty on ALL products and unparalleled guest experience.



Allow your guests to order their packages before or after your event via a custom eCommerce portal.

If guest orders prior to the event, items can be shipped to their home or delivered to the event.

Guests have an opportunity to spend over their gift card amount driving incremental revenue for your event.